Renier Oosthuizen

Dr Renier was born in South Africa. He worked for many years as a large animal Veterinarian in South Africa, before relocating to New Zealand for 15 years and finally settling in Ringwood. He has founded Lilydale and Monbulk Veterinary Clinics and is the proprietor of Ringwood Vet Emergency.

Miranda Oosthuizen

Dr. Miranda is a veterinarian who obtained her degree at The Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Pretoria before moving to New Zealand and subsequently to Australia in 2007. On the odd occasion when she is not surrounded by animals, she spends time discovering the marvels of chalk paint. She is currently working as a small animal veterinarian in the Lilydale Emergency Vet Clinic.

Dr. Magda Glazik

Dr. Magda graduated from Warsaw University in February 2016 and followed her dreams of moving down under soon after. She worked as a vet nurse in a specialist clinic in Auckland, gaining experience in high quality patient care and facilities. Upon moving to Melbourne in March 2017, she worked as a vet in a fast paced general practice clinic in Bendigo where she fell in love with the emergency and critical care aspects of the job. Her various experiences have led her to this exciting new clinic and team.

In her spare time, Magda also enjoys searching for cheap flights to fuel her travel habit, riding horses and drinking tea.

Dr. Martina Saeid

Dr. Martina was graduated as a veterinarian in 2008 from Egypt then, immigrated to Australia when she had finished her studies. In order to work as a vet in Australia, Martina was basically required to re-do all her studies again, she dedicated almost 5 more years of study and practical work in lots of different clinics in Melbourne and the countryside to pursue her much loved career in Australia. She re-graduated last year and have been working in a general practice since then. Dr. Martina has a strong interest in surgery and is planning to further her studies in this area.

Dr. Martina spends most of her time running after her 8 years old son “Matthew” and in what little spare time she has, she enjoys her Zumba & body pump classes and more importantly her retail therapy.

Dr. Ron See

Dr. Ron is a new graduate from the class of 2017 at University of Melbourne. He has had a strong interest in emergency medicine since he first came across it in the final year of his training. His youthful and enthusiastic passion for emergency medicine is a perfect match for a brand new purpose-built modern clinic such as RVE. Dr. Ron loves doing fine art photography when he is not spending time at the clinic.

Dr Ben Farrugia

Dr Ben graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Melbourne in December 2016. He has since worked at two small animal clinics and is now at his third job working at both the Lilydale Vet Centre and Ringwood Vet Emergency clinics. Outside of work, Ben has a strong interest in music and enjoys playing the drums and attending gigs in his free time.

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