Just like your local Veterinarian,
we perform an initial consultation.

The cost of consultation at our Hospital is $150 ($20 premium for consultations between 12am-6am).

The consultation will include a full medical examination of your pet, history and review of any previous test results. We will then advise you what diagnosis and treatment options are available for your pet. We will clearly explain what treatment options are available and the costs of those options.

Once you decide on the option you prefer, we will proceed with the necessary treatment. Please note - a 50% deposit is required before the treatment can commence. The remainder of the payment is expected at discharge time.

To assist with bill payments we offer Vet Pay - a payment plan solution designed specifically for Veterinary industry. At our Hospital we ensure that you are fully informed and fully in control of decisions about your pet’s care.

Our Hospital has State of the art emergency and critical care facilities to provide the best level of care to your pet
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